I Still Remember

It’s a hard topic to speak of and even harder to watch play out in lives of two tremendous people……

My mom will be 64 years old on Jan 12th. It could be more of a celebration if she could remember it. This is the first time that I will not be able to call her and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Alzheimer disease has been in the history of this family for several generations, including the present to suffer – Mom. Of course, for several years no one knew what to call this unruly disease. I still remember my grandmother (Mom’s Mom), with the same characteristics that Mom is currently going through. It’s sad to know that she will not be involved in the lives of my children nor understand the last of her days with the man that she has loved for so many years.

At the end of his rope, I know Dad has done his best, as good, or better as anyone.  I could not even image the road that he has had to walk over the past few years. I am sure the years ahead will not be any easier, just different. The only words of encouragement I can ever offer him are – I am proud of you and you are a hard man to follow.

So often, many ask the question of  why a loving God would allow the hurt that is in this world. The hurt is not from God, but because of our separation from Him. Through the gift of salvation, because of Him, because He paid the ultimate sacrifice, I can say that Mom will be OK. He took the separation away. I praise Him for the peace that I have in the troubles that Mom faces. For even in her current sufferings, one day, when she meets Him face to face, she will remember her Creator and Savior. For even in her current state, she is healed and not even physical death can take that away.  God saved her and she is healed – healed in salvation.

Mom – I still remember – along with so many others who have crossed your path in this life. I still remember all the time you took to teach me and all the talks about life. I still remember all the sporting events you would never miss, my concerts that you would drive for days to see, and always being an encouragement.

I still remember you showing me what a Godly marriage is to be, by loving my father the way you did. He never left without a kiss and he was always greeted by you with another, as he walked through the front door after a days work.

I still remember you teaching me the ways of being a parent, by always being there, not perfect, but always available. I remember you showing me the love of God through the way you lived your life. I praise God for putting me, my sisters, and all of our families in your care.

Even if you can’t…….I still remember…….

Do you have fruit?

We live in a society where so often the word Christian is used so loosely. To be a Christian is through grace and grace alone, but in that grace something should be seen. Something should show in a Christian that is not seen in someone who does not know Christ.

How often have you been around someone who states that they are a Christian but have no fruit or action of that to show? Their limbs are bare. They speak like they shouldn’t, they act as they are not, and they walk as if they have never been.

What fruit do you show?

Matthew 3:10, 12:33/Luke 6:44/John 15:8/Colossians 1:10